“Where’s the Math House?”


On Thursday 8th October, the school welcomed the parents of students to come and find out about the forthcoming year at the yearly ‘meet the teacher’ night.

This annual event allowed parents to meet the teachers that their child will have for the rest of the year. They also found out about what is going to be taught and how the teacher will go about their lessons.zis-upper-school

The night began at 6:30 with Mr. Switzer welcoming parents and giving them the yearly information and PowerPoint about the following hours. Parents then went to their child’s advisory and got their schedule, which they then followed for the evening.

“I want parents to get a feel for what it is to be their children and know who their children will be spending the next year with”, said Mr. Switzer during an interview.

Then they did what the students do every day: went from class to class getting presentations and, hopefully, learning something new. This could have also been the time when they formed their own opinions about their child’s potential performance in the class, based on what the teacher said.

Every year, it ends up somewhat chaotic with parents not knowing where rooms are and what this thing call the ‘math house’ is. Everything was kept in order with the help of student ambassadors who guided parents from class to class. “It would be a traffic jam with no one directing it without the student ambassadors,” said Mrs. Richardson.

When the night was over, parents went home with a proper understanding about their child’s classes this year, and, for some, a worksheet or two. This important night allowed parents to find out what exactly is going on when their child leaves the house in the morning.

Phillip Vanstone (‘17)


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