Riddle Me This: The Beginning of Everything

“A house based on foundation like the skies 
A house one has covered with a veil like a secret box 
A house set on a base  like a goose 
One enters it blind,
Leaves it seeing,”
What is it? 

Also known as, “The Land of the Civilized Kings,” Sumer is the father of modern civilization. Known for being the first, in almost anything: irrigation, writing, law making, and yes you guessed it, riddles. It’s believed that this particular riddle may have been, written as long as 4,000 years ago. However, it was only translated 50 years ago by, . This riddle, among others, was transcribed on a cuneiform tablet, providing great insight into their, “Quest for knowledge.”

Read next week’s “Riddle Me This,” for the answer.



By: Sophie Zweifel (’16)


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