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Zurich Disappointed in Zug Unlucky Weekend for the JV Boys Zurich Varsity Boys Lose to Frankfurt Zurich Varsity Girls With Mixed Results Lion Volleyball Has a Tough Weekend in Frankfurt

Zurich Disappointed in Zug

Playing Zug away is not the most pleasant of experiences. Their AstroTurf pitch leaves long lasting cuts, and the ridiculously short ‘in-goal’ area ends abruptly onto uncovered concrete. In short, Zug’s pitch is a death trap. This was not the only reason for the Varsity Squad to feel somewhat vexed upon their arrival at ISLZ […]

Unlucky Weekend for the JV Boys

On Friday the 24th of October the JV Boys football team traveled to Frankfurt alongside the Varsity Boys, Girls Football and Volleyball teams. Because of traffic the drive took longer than expected. Once the teams arrived at Frankfurt International School (FIS), they were immediately transported to various fields. The Varsity Boys played the first match […]

Zurich Varsity Boys Lose to Frankfurt

On October the 24th and 25th of September 2014, the Zurich International School Varsity Boys Football team played Frankfurt International School away. The team traveled 8 hours from the early hours of Friday morning, arriving in Frankfurt at 5 in the afternoon.  The varsity boys immediately warmed up and wasted no time starting the game. […]

Zurich Varsity Girls With Mixed Results

This weekend, the Varsity Girls Football undertook a heavy 8 hour bus journey to face an undefeated Frankfurt. With prior knowledge from the Munich side that Frankfurt were “the best they have ever been” the girls had very mixed feeling going into the game. Nerves turned to adrenaline, the floodlights turned on and kick off […]

Lion’s Talk #2

In the second episode of Lion’s Talk find out more about what goes on behind the scenes here at The Lion’s Journal!

Volleyball Has a Tough Weekend in Frankfurt

After a full eight hour bus ride, the varsity volleyball team arrived Friday afternoon, October 24, to Frankfurt International School (FIS). Although the warm-up was quite short, the girls were ready to play and planning to win. The first set went very well, with Zurich winning 25-16. The next two sets, however, did not go […]

How to Train Your Dinosaur

24 October 2014

Me: What do you think, is the stem of people’s fascination with dinosaurs? Dr. Nizar Ibrahim: They are real life dragons. They are mysterious. They ruled the planet, and yet many went extinct. For many of us, dinosaurs are little more than a bygone captivation of our childhood largely fueled by the Jurassic Park releases. […]

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Weekend Plans for October 24th – 26th

23 October 2014

More festivals in Zurich for the weekend of October 24th – 26th!   What: Swiss Cheese Awards Festival Where: Rapperswil Jona along Seequai When: Friday October 24th till Sunday October 25th Why: If you enjoy cheese, or just attending Swiss festivals, head to Rapperswil to taste the pride of Switzerland. The winning cheeses will even […]

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Ebola Update: Texas

23 October 2014

On Wednesday, October 8, an American citizen died from complications from Ebola. He had previously spent four weeks in Liberia before he made his way to Dallas, Texas in the United States. A week before Thomas Eric Duncan checked in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with symptoms of fever, abdominal pain, a sharp headache, and reduced […]

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Fighting for women’s rights in London

15 October 2014

Eight students from Zurich International School will be going to the “Trust Women” conference on the 18th of November in London. The aim of the conference is to put law behind women rights. “Trust Women” is a conference that brings together delegates and people from around the world with a passion for fighting for women’s […]

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Student Council Podcast: Week 1

10 October 2014

The first ever student council podcast! This new weekly installment will provide you with updates on what is happening at school, what projects are in the works, as well as a little insight into who your student body representatives actually are.

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A Failure in Our YouTube Role Models

08 October 2014

When you are asked to name the most famous celebrities of our generation, you would be forgiven for picturing such faces as ‘Brangelina’ or Beyoncé- however you’d be wrong. A survey conducted by Variety.com found that the top five personalities according to 13-17 year olds were in fact YouTubers. YouTuber, a word that as I […]

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The Wonders of Switzerland’s Direct Democracy

08 October 2014

It isn’t often that Switzerland is featured in the ‘International News’ section of any newspaper – as a neutral country with one of the most stable economies in the world, it isn’t hard to see why. Switzerland is renowned for its fairly unique political system – direct democracy, as the form of government is known, […]

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The Umbrella Revolution

06 October 2014

On Friday 26th of September, the most vibrant and populated shopping districts in Hong Kong caught fire with pro-democracy demonstrations. Tens of thousands of Hong Kong citizens have taken to the streets to fully take back their promised right to vote in the upcoming 2017 elections. In 1997, Hong Kong was given back to China […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Ukraine Crisis

03 October 2014

Ever since the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March, which is still not recognized by the international community, Ukraine has fallen in an endless crisis affecting not only Russo-Ukrainian relations and the EU, but the Ukrainian people themselves who have lost any sense of normalcy in their lives.  (Telegraph) In April, pro-Russian separatists in […]

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Our Neighbors the Tilapia

03 October 2014

Alive without breath, As cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, All in mail never clinking. ~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit Fish as a species are drastically under-appreciated, in part because we don’t see them very often, but mainly because we can’t understand them. They are so far away from us, both geographically and mentally, that […]

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