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Sticks and Stones Part Two Pigcat: A Twisted Fantasy Riddle Me This: The Beginning of Everything Illegal Ivory and China Swiss children: A Source of Cheap Labour The Beginning of the End

Sticks and Stones Part Two

Last March, I published an article about the R-word and why I believe it is harmful and should never be said in any context. I’m here to say it again, because I still hear the word used every day and the message has clearly not gotten through. Language is much more important than we think […]

Pigcat: A Twisted Fantasy

ZIS’ autumn production of Steven Bogart’s drama Pigcat, directed by Una Mckay (’15) for her IB theatre personal project, had a unique reality to it that school plays rarely pull off. Bluer than Damselfish dressed as Brave Heart, the empathy and fear built around the characters left the audience in awe, and slightly disturbed. Pigcat […]

Riddle Me This: The Beginning of Everything

“A house based on foundation like the skies  A house one has covered with a veil like a secret box  A house set on a base  like a goose  One enters it blind, Leaves it seeing,” What is it?  Also known as, “The Land of the Civilized Kings,” Sumer is the father of modern civilization. Known for […]

Illegal Ivory and China’s Presidential Delegation

China’s President, Xi Jinping, and his entourage, consisting of government officials and business leaders, recently visited Tanzania in an effort to promote economic ties between the two countries (Levin). However, London NGO ‘Environmental Investigation Agency’ has proved otherwise, stating that this visit was used to obtain vast quantities of Ivory; so much so that local […]

Swiss children: A Source of Cheap Labour

Paul Senn (1901-1953), BBC “There were many beatings, slaps in the face, pulling of hair, tugging of ears” says Christian, to BBC journalist Kavita Puri. Christian, like 100,000 other children and teenagers during the 19th and 20th century in Switzerland, used to be one of the “contract children”, or more widely known as the verdingkinder. […]

The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End: Baden Students near the halfway point of their final year Zurich, Switzerland — ZIS Director, Dr. Paulson, announced in early October in a ZIS Links post the closure of our Baden campus. Shortly after this, a second post was published, confirming the closure and assuring the 126 students that they […]

SYPT: The Sport of Physics

19 November 2014

The Swiss Young Physicists Tournament (SYPT) team, at ZIS, prepares for a fourth successful tournament. This lesser known club has been participating in the Swiss national championship as well as some international tournaments since 2012. Participants make a large commitment to researching one, of many, research questions posed by the organizers of the tournament. These […]

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ZIS Fall Sports Overview

19 November 2014

Click here  or click on the picture below to view an overview of the fall sports! by  Colin Bouchard (’15)  

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ZIS Takes on History Bowl

18 November 2014

Not many people are prepared to wake up at 5:00 on a Sunday, and even less would be prepared to wake up at 5:00 to compete in a history competition. Last Sunday, 17 brave souls battled fatigue, exhaustion, and lethargy as they stepped on board the IR to Basel to compete in the Fall Swiss […]

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TEDYouth Day

17 November 2014

TEDYouth 2014 is an annual event held in New York. This year it was held on Saturday, November 15 but TED has made the whole event free for viewing till 11pm on November 18th! Watch the talks before you go to bed, while you eat lunch at school with your friends, or while you procrastinate. […]

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Senior-Faculty Apero – Photo Essay

17 November 2014

Photography by Harriet Gresty (’15)

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Sorry, Not Sorry

14 November 2014

Having been raised by a traditional English mother, I’ve grown up with a particular emphasis on manners. I am quiet at dinner with strangers, I try not to ask too many questions and I’m always wary of annoying others. I repeat the word ‘sorry’ over and over to try and excuse my presence. Wherever I […]

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The Truth about the Tilapia

13 November 2014

The “Urban Farm” is a student led project, under the watchful eye of Dr. Perri, and is supported and run by multiple groups at school including the Applied Biology Class, Project Green, and the Environmental Economics Class. The students that participate in these groups and support this project all have a clear interest in making […]

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Gender Discrimination Starts in the Womb

12 November 2014

Pascale Bruderer, SP Councilor form Aargau, after having just given birth became aware of the rules and laws that concerned pregnancies and abortions. In Switzerland a woman is allowed to abort for no “apparent” reasons until the twelfth week, however the sex of the child can be determined as of the ninth week. The Council […]

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On Building a School Community

11 November 2014

I want to talk about ZIS’s lack of student community. Let this not be confused with dreaded “school spirit” because that’s not what I’m talking about  (yes, the picture was chosen in irony of this). What I am focusing on is how ZIS has over 28 clubs and sports and yet none of them have […]

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JV Boys Football Place at SCIS

10 November 2014

On the Friday of November 7th, the JV boys set to Basel to defend their title as SCIS champions. After about an hour train ride from Zurich HB to Basel the team traveled to St. Jakobs Park aboard a bus shared with Frankfurt International School (FIS). Zurich was joined with FIS and Geneva in its […]

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