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PAMUN 2014: A Plethora of Perspectives The Study Habits of the Modern Age: Some Pre Break Wisdom Paying Your Passion People need to accept that sexism is a problem in cinema Alcohol and Your Brain Victoria

PAMUN 2014: A Plethora of Perspectives

A day in the life of a press member Thursday December 5th, 9:00 AM, stood outside the UNESCO BUILDING in Paris. ‘Well this is official.’ Walk up the steps to the entrance and glimpse security, ‘proper official.’ These are my first impressions of the PAMUN ’14 conference which I was attending as a member of […]

The Study Habits of the Modern Age: Some Pre Break Wisdom

“If your GPA, social life, sleep schedule, or health is suffering, your study habits may be the culprit,” said USA Today’s College section. They have said that multitasking is the worst thing that a student could do when studying. Yet, everyone has that extra tab open or a phone nearby. Even so, with all of […]

Paying Your Passion

  The Premier league is one of the most popular footballing leagues in the world- millions of fans attend games each year to watch their favorite teams and support the football club. However, ticket prices in the premier league is a hugely speculated issue which is growing throughout the world of football as many fans […]

People need to accept that sexism is a problem in cinema

I recently discovered a study undertaken by the University of Southern California that detailed the representation of women in various countries across the world in cinema. This ranged from roles in production, to the characters themselves. I found some of the information truly disappointing. For example, the study found out that only 23% of the […]

Alcohol and Your Brain

  Think twice before you have that second drink this weekend when you are out with your friends… It may be more harmful than you think. Alcohol, being an inhibitory drug, acts on the brain’s post-synaptic transmission, posing a threat to the body as it alters normal functions of the brain. However, during adolescence, the […]

Victoria’s Secret’s Scandal is Dear Kate’s Profit

Victoria’s Secret, a well renowned lingerie brand that has become more of a Disneyland attraction to teenage girls than Disneyland itself, has been receiving some ‘hate’ as the online world likes to call it. They released a new advertisement campaign titled “The Perfect ‘Body'” illustrating extremely skinny and ‘fit’ girls. If Victoria’s Secret weren’t so […]

ZIS Sports: True Grit?

04 December 2014

Many ZIS students participate in seasonal sports on ZIS teams, but there is a small population of ZIS students who play sports outside of school. They often do this when looking for a sport not offered, or a more challenging and competitive atmosphere. There is a saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Some […]

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Is Spying Justified?

04 December 2014

In a digitized world, where everyone has a Smartphone and a digital footprint, the door is open for the government and other parties to gather data about people for good and more negative purposes. While many people see it as correct and necessary for their own security, others say it is an infringement of their […]

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The Repercussions of the Grand Jury Verdict

03 December 2014

Ferguson has been on the news for weeks, but never more so since the Grand Jury verdict was released. On the 9th of August Michael Brown, a young black adult, was shot by a police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri. It is important to mention that he is black because he has become a symbol for […]

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KFC Emerge as School Champions

02 December 2014

Over the last two weeks, starting on the 17th of November and finishing on the 2nd of December, the ZIS Operation Smile club hosted an indoor football tournament. The tournament was hosted in order to raise money for the club, which will be donated at the end of the year.  Operation Smile is an international […]

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Keeping Your Options Open

02 December 2014

From the age of eight I knew that I was going to be an “English Student.” Now of course back then I wasn’t thinking about university, my dream was to become an author, or an astronaut. As I grew up I found a love for journalism and decided this was the line of work I […]

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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

02 December 2014

Social media is absorbing the population, and burying them in what Plato would call the cave. Plato’s allegory of the cave, represents the idea of the world of the oblivious and the world of the all-knowing. The world of the oblivious is the world where the “prisoners” are chained up and are only able to […]

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Riddle Me This: “Riddles in the Dark”

01 December 2014

“Thirty white horses on a red hill, First they champ, Then they stamp, Then they stand still.” ~ Bilbo (The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien) This is, arguably, one of the better known riddles. Who doesn’t remember Gollum and Bilbo’s iconic riddling? Imagine you are in a dank, dark cave. The bottom of your (hairy) feet sink […]

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The Gayness in our Genes

28 November 2014

  “Being gay is natural” says science. Indeed, homosexuality can be attributed to a single nucleotide polymorphism in the Xq28 and 8q12 regions on the X chromosome and chromosome 8 respectively. Complex lexicon I understand. So here are the essentials: A recent study of over 400 gay brothers and twins has provided substantial evidence that […]

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An Ode to Nature

28 November 2014

Dear Nature, Your name is the ghostly slogan of our century, our scapegoat for any qualm that requires more than two minutes of thought. We entertain the illusion that you are tangible, definitive, real – but nature: what even are you? I suppose you must be in the trees and in the lakes and in […]

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Sticks and Stones Part Two

24 November 2014

Last March, I published an article about the R-word and why I believe it is harmful and should never be said in any context. I’m here to say it again, because I still hear the word used every day and the message has clearly not gotten through. Language is much more important than we think […]

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